Illuminati, Sarah:       I dont need to judge or Live Out on someone’s selfworth…


Appointment, Wasting Changes, Living Out / Music of the Past?


Can I have An Girlfriend? We hate you, dont want to see you, you can never do it, walk alone, Haha, Everybody did it with a pussy thx to changes of the game,

Not Me ( appointment )  No you cant Hugh or Touch, is it sweet, hot?    I cried Over memories of the game,  I want to change side, I dont agree with them anymore..

Sorry Not SorryWe never show  Mercy, We waste youre changes          First Time Memories Sarah    Appointment, you cant do it





Sarah Hadassa     Illuminati & Sarah made No Love Appointment so I got no Girlfriends and Lived Out On Me    15 Years

I wanted to Know Sarah, but she didnt, I visited her Place several Times, gave my adres or mb nr already..

She was always acting her Role and I didnt Learn to know Her, she didnt miss me from the start (ignored me )

 and Lived Out with the Class & Game on Me,  She chooses for dark and hates me and doesnt miss me,

My family prays for Our Father, so I always been a forgiver, and believe me I do Return if I love & Forgive


The Problem is Acceptance of Who I am, I can always Stay and Love.., But they always talking negative about me, I got No selfworth ot it, Love is Letting Others be theirself









They Always Lived Out, and Wasted Changes





















 Dating Sites

I did my best on dating sites, girls acted or rejected me,   🙁 I was kind And Friendly, then I hear sorry I have somebody else, or they dont want to meet me or do IT for chat and earn money for it


Work of Jesus:





Illuminati Changes?



Wasted Again? Girls never gave me changes, I cried nights thx to Sarah’s appoimtment, my Heart

Do IT 🙁 The Game: you cant, yawned Dirtbag, Please DIE, youre nothing sucker, we dont look at you we give no hughs

I know something very hot, begin with Sweet words, where are you?Keep waiting 🙁 I dont want to cry, It wasnt fun



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