Doing It First Time




Do you Ignore me or Laugh me off

Do you hate me or talk negative About Me?

Its my fault I that I liked sex


Sarah Made No Love Appointment and then Lived Out On Me with Music Always


So Im walking Alone, contacts laugh me off or showed Hate, Hahaha he has No Love

Do you talk with me When I stand alone there in the cold Winter, I see People making Love,


But nobody wanted Me, I saw People with Girlfriends giving hughs but they forgotten Me

Every Night I was sleeping Alone thinking about the Cracking Off on The Radio,


that nobody was Missing Me, and then I cried, but nobody was there to Hold Me and My heart clapped

You cant Love Girlfriends ,Girls dont want to see me, I can never Look at naked Girls because its wrong and Always my fault



I have Memories of Sarah hates me and doesnt miss me,                      Well I Love You and Forgive, I Promised Myself



15 Years are gone, its been a long Time, how Others threaded me is Hard

So Did you take off your clothes now 🙁


Inside I sometimes Feel I want to become Girl and dont Like to be always man

Maybe I then Feel somebody is watching Me and Loves me for who I am



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